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NARSAD is the world’s leading charity dedicated to mental health research. They raise money from donors around the world and invests it directly in the most promising research projects in mental health.


NARSAD was brought to me after a failure in overseas development. The site in it’s condition at the time was not suitable enough to go live nor was it able to accept donations through the website. Myself and senior developer, Alec Graziano, took on the task of transforming the site into a workable solution for the client. We cleared out all of the coding errors involved with crippling the site, as well as adding many new features such as a video platform to allow them to post new video’s through their content management system.


The content management system they use is called Drupal. It is very popular and widely used among the power companies of today. Drupal is open source and is easy to maintain, as long is it’s built correctly! Alec and I spent a lot of time working with NARSAD to field their concerns and to make sure they understand how to use Drupal and maximize their use of the site.


"I want to wholeheartedly endorse and recommend the work of Robert Lee. I

supervised and directed Rob's work as a contractor for six months on a

variety of projects, including the re-launch of the main Web site of the

National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression (NARSAD.org);

NARSAD's new blog; and the launch of a media campaign site for the Bring

Change 2 Mind project, led by actress Glenn Close (bringchange2mind.org).

All these projects had tight deadlines and a number of internal challenges

and difficulties, and throughout each, Robert handled himself in a

professional manner, putting client service above all and working overnight

on deadline when asked (in fact, he did not have to be asked, he just did).

His Web development and programming skills are impressive, as is his speed.

I have worked 15 years in the new media business, supervising content and

technical staffs large and small, from the Washington Post to ABC News and

Consumer Reports, and rarely have I encountered someone as williing as

Robert to jump into a new challenge with enthusiasm and go the distance

until the job is done right. Hire Robert if you have the chance. I know I

would hire him again, and probably will."



Beau Brendler

Director of Interactive

NARSAD: The National Alliance for Schizophrenia and Depression Long Island,

New York